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“UA and I”

“UA and I”

“UA and I” is my manifest, my reflection and my healing. UA stands for Ukraine, my native country. This year of war has been the hardest one in my life. The pain that I felt opened up many truths about the mysteries of life and death to me. At some point I consciously decided to transform the pain into creation, which gave me a chance to heal. Free art, poetry, dance, music have become my tools of discovering my authentic wishes, my messages to the world and finding the peace within.

Already before the war I was following my heart’s mission as an Ecstatic Dance Guide. Ecstatic Dance is a practice of a free movement in a space of non-judjement, support and respect of people to each other. In this way of dancing I found myself opening up my emotions, unblocking memories from the past, discovering my body as a channel for the wisdom and true happiness. I was dancing for myself and then with the team of my close friends (Roman Gorskin, Arthur Schmidt, Jonas Hühne, Florian Henning and others) we started to organise Ecstatic Dance events for people to discover it too. I’ve seen people of different cultures and ages opening up, rediscovering their bodies and emotions and connecting to each other on the level of unconditional love.

On the days I couldn’t bear my pain I went to the streets of Wiesbaden and started to dance there. My dance has always been improvised and speaking to the hearts of people passing by. I met many strangers, who felt the resonance with my movements, the topics of our talks have been deep and fulfilling.

The principles of freedom and non-judgement have also become a base for my art creation. Every picture I made has become an intuitive journey, destination was never known at the beginning, but the result was always crystal clear – love. Love as a unity of all things together, darkness and light, life and death, pain and ecstasy.