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»the delicious flavor of getting lost«

* MA Kommunikationsdesign

Mom died. Five months later, I almost died. Realizing that lifetime is finite, scared the shit out of me – I lost orientation in life. The state of disorientation was a loyal companion, whom I feared, though. I decided to face my fear, abandoning myself to disorientation by creating a steady situation of uncertainty, not knowing where this project may take me: I improvised. Improvisation means accepting reality and making the best of it; it creates a situational awareness that connects us to reality.

The installation »Dasein« is the materialized conception of the lifetime I experienced during the last six months. I was looking for orientation: found it, lost it, found it, lost it. I made friends with dis/orientation, grasping that they take turns as long as one is alive. I re-connected with reality. I got a typewriter and turned my back on the digital world. With analogue photography, I lived through old memories and captured new ones. I accepted death as the part of life that makes it valuable eventually.