Esteban Barco

Creative Twines – An interactive learning method for creative competencies

Betreuung: Marcel Teine

BA Kommunikationsdesign

Where are creative competencies standing in the midst of an unstoppable digitalization? Way behind. Within education, creative competencies see an urge to find a way to catch up; and up until now, there has been no fully digitalised method to learn them. Creative Twines is an ongoing, autonomous and innovative learning method that aims to create a virtual space to develop and learn new creative perspectives around serious questions or topics, and invites different minds to engage in narrative exercises shaped by the power of storytelling and playful interactions with creative coding.

The method, implemented in an interactive web platform, allows the human being to individually choose the narrative exercises they might be more interested in. Altogether with the goal of pushing creative learning one step closer to the foreground of digitization, and sparking educational engagement.

Screenshot einer Webseite. Überschrift: creative twines, darunter viele Wellenlinien in Rot, Lila, Blau und Gelb.
Screenshot einer Webseite. Auf hellgelbem Grund Wellenlinien in Rot und Grün, verschiedene Kontroll-Elemente Screenshot einer Website. Auf hellgelbem Grund die Wörter 'focalizing' und 'memories' in Rot. 'focalizing' ist durchgestrichen. Screenshot einer Website. Eine dicke, durchbrochene Linie in Magenta, darunter das Wort 'focalizing' und ein Absatz in kleiner Schrift. Screenshot einer Webseite. Weißer Hintergrund mit Text in leichter, schwarzer Schrift